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Hitotsubashi COE Conference on International Trade and FDI 2008
December 13-14, 2008
Conference Room, 7F, Mercury Tower
Hitotsubashi University
  December 13 (Saturday)
8:55-9:00   Welcome address by Jota Ishikawa  (Hitotsubashi University)
                                         Chair : Kazutaka Takechi (Hosei University)
9:00-10:00 Rikard Forslid (Stockholm University)
Anders Akerman (Research Institute of Industrial Economics)

Country Size, Productivity and Trade Share Convergence: An Analysis of Heterogenous Firms and Country Size Dependent Market Entry Costs
B r e a k
10:20-11:20 Yoichi Sugita (Columbia University)

Matching, Quality Upgrading, and North-North Trade in Intermediate Goods
B r e a k
11:40-12:40 Taiji Furusawa (Hitotsubashi University)
Noriyuki Yanagawa (University of Tokyo)

Endogenous Firm Heterogeneity under Financial Imperfection: Effects of International Goods and Capital Mobility
L u n c h
                                         Chair : Toshihiro Ichida (Waseda University)
14:00-15:00 Chia-Hui Lu (City University of Hong Kong)
Shin-Chen Huang (National Cheng-Chi University)

Asymmetric Information and Global Production
B r e a k
15:20-16:20 Kozo Kiyota (Yokohama National University)

Trade Liberalization, Economic Growth, and Income Distribution in A Multiple-cone Neoclassical Growth Model
B r e a k
16:40-17:40 James Rauch (University of California-San Diego)
Arnaud Costinot (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Lindsay Oldenski (University of California-San Diego)

Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms
18:00- Reception

  December 14 (Sunday)
                                         Chair : Morihiro Yomogida (Sophia University)
9:00-10:00 Daniel Bernhofen (University of Nottingham, GEP)
John Brown (Clark University, GEP)

Testing the Price Version of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: the Natural Experiment of Japan
B r e a k
10:20-11:20 Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University)
Hiroshi Mukunoki (Gakushuin University)
Hodaka Morita (University of New South Wales)

FDI in Post-Production Services and Product Market Competition
B r e a k
11:40-12:40 Kaz Miyagiwa (Osaka University, Emory University)

The Silk Road
L u n c h
                                          Chair : Naoto Jinji (Okayama University and RIETI)
14:00-15:00 Jee-Hyeong Park (Seoul National University)

B r e a k
15:20-16:20 Keisaku Higashida (Yokohama City University)
Shunske Managi (Yokohama National University)

The Determinants of Trade in Recyclable Wastes, the Structure of Recycling Sectors, and the Effects of Trade Restriction
B r e a k
16:40-17:40 Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)
Dany Jaimovic (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)

Are FTAs Contagious?