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Proofreading and Editing Services for Young Researchers

The Global COE Program “Research Unit for Statistical and Empirical Analysis in Social Sciences” (G-COE Hi-Stat) provides proofreading and editing services for young researchers by Dr. Ralph Paprzycki. To be eligible to receive such services, young researchers should meet the following requirements:

  • Be either a Ph.D. student of the Department of Economics at Hitotsubashi University or a young researcher participating in the G-COE Hi-Stat program as a COE Researcher, COE Visiting Researcher, COE Visiting Young Scholar, COE Young Researcher, Research Assistant, or Teaching Assistant.
  • Register for Dr. Ralph Paprzycki’s course, Contemporary Economics (EG-C581) and earn course credits or audit this course.
  • Obtain permission for proofreading and editing services from a program leader or other program member and submit an application form to the Global COE Program Secretariat.
  • Submit a full paper with abstract, body, and all figures and tables by e-mail to The abstract and body should be in Word format and figures and tables in Excel format. If the paper was authored in LaTeX or other scientific text editing program, a file in PDF format (in addition to Word format) should also be provided. (Submitted files will not be returned to the author even if the submission is not accepted.)
  • Consent to the inclusion of the paper into the Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper (DP) series after the paper has been proofread, provided that a group leader or sub-leader concludes that the paper meets the required standards.

Authors will be informed whether their paper has been accepted for proofreading and editing about one week after submitting their application. Group leaders or sub-leaders may decide not to accept a submission or suspend proofreading and editing of a paper if it is of insufficient quality, the English is too poor, or there are suspicions of plagiarism.

When a submission is accepted for proofreading and editing, the author will be provided with an approximate date when the proofreading should be completed; however, authors should note that the date may be subject to change. Accordingly, it is not possible to respond to requests with a tight deadline. In addition, there may be a waiting list when there are many submissions at the same time and the turnaround time could therefore be long.

Global COE Program Secretariat
c/o Institute of Economic Research