COE Visiting Young Researcher

March 15, 2010
Kyoji Fukao
Program Leader, G-COE Hi-Stat Program

The Global COE Program "Research Unit for Statistical and Empirical Analysis in Social Sciences" (hereafter "Unit") invites applications for positions of COE Visiting Young Researcher.

1. Educational and other requirements

Applicants must be enrolled in or have completed a doctorate degree course at a university in Japan or abroad.

Prior to application, applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation and consent from their host researcher as well as the consent of the program leader or another program member regarding the prospective host researcher.

Program Leader

Program Members
Naohito ABE, Reiko AOKI, Taiji FURUSAWA, Jota ISHIKAWA, Daiji KAWAGUCHI, Yukinobu KITAMURA, Yoshiyuki KOBAYASHI, Kazuhiro KUMO, Takashi KUROSAKI, Eiji KUROZUMI, Chiaki MORIGUCHI, Akira OKADA, Yosuke OKADA, Hiroyuki OKAMURO, Hidenobu OKUDA, Makoto SAITO, Hiroshi SATO, Masahiro SATO, Motohiro SATO, Tsunemasa SHIBA, Katsumi SHIMOTSU, Etsuro SHIOJI, Koichi TADENUMA, Toshiaki WATANABE, Tsutomu WATANABE, Naoki YOSHIHARA, Harry Xjaoying WU

2. Number of COE Visiting Young Researchers admitted

Approximately fifteen

3. Period of Engagement

Two to 12 weeks
The proposed period must fall within April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011.

4. Benefits Provided by the Unit for COE Visiting Young Researchers

  1. Under the guidance of their host researcher, COE Visiting Young Researchers are entitled to take part in joint research at the Unit and to use data or other relevant materials owned by the Unit.
  2. COE Visiting Young Researchers are provided with office space shared with other researchers, subject to availability.
  3. COE Visiting Young Researchers are paid travel expenses, relevant remuneration, and other allowances in accordance with the regulations of the University if deemed necessary by their host researcher.
  4. Any COE Visiting Young Researcher who is a postgraduate student or young researcher based at a remote location and staying at the University for one month or longer will be provided with accommodation* in accordance with University regulations.
    *subject to availability as number of rooms is limited

5. Obligations of COE Visiting Young Researchers

  1. COE Visiting Young Researchers are required to use any data or relevant information owned by the Unit in compliance with the rules set out by the Unit and under the instruction of their host researcher.
  2. COE Visiting Young Researchers are required to submit a research activity report to the Program Committee.
  3. COE Visiting Young Researchers who publish research findings reached during the period of engagement must add a note stating that they received support from the Unit as a COE Visiting Young Researcher. This also applies to any discussion paper or oral presentation at an academic conference or other equivalent event. COE Visiting Young Researchers issuing publications or papers (including discussion papers) containing any findings from the research conducted during the period of engagement must submit one copy thereof to the Program Committee.
  4. If receiving travel and/or other expenses for attending domestic or overseas academic conferences for the purpose of delivering a presentation on research findings, COE Visiting Young Researchers are required, in principle, to develop the presentation paper into a discussion paper for the program.

6. Application Procedures

The following documents must be submitted.

  1. Application form for COE Visiting Young Researcher (to be completed by the applicant).
  2. Letter of recommendation and consent to host the COE Visiting Young Researcher (to be completed by the host researcher), explaining the relationship with the applicant, providing an evaluation of the applicant's aptitude and potential, and providing a brief description of how admission of the applicant would contribute to the activities of the Program.
  3. Major academic works (up to three items).

Forms are downloadable from the following links.
Application Form for COE Visiting Young Researchers
Letter of Recommendation and Consent to Host the COE Visiting Young Researcher

Deadline: three months prior to the intended period of stay, no later than December 28, 2010
Applications should be sent to the following address. (The letter of recommendation and consent can be sent by the host researcher.)
(Ms.) Kotomi Nagase
Global COE Administration Office,
Graduate School of Economics
Hitotsubashi University
2-1, Naka, Kunitachi
Tokyo, Japan 186-8601

If you have questions on visa application, please contact Ms. Kotomi Nagase at

7. Screening

The Program Committee will perform a screening process on the basis of the documents and academic works submitted. Each applicant will in principle be separately notified of the screening results no later than one month after acceptance of his/her application.