FDI Spillover Effects in the Food Industry in Asian Countries

Takuya Yamamoto
Takeshi Sakurai

March 2013


This paper analyzes the spillover effects of foreign companies’ FDI on local companies, taking examples of public food companies in 4 Asian countries/areas namely Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. The analyses confirm spillover effects in food industry in Thailand, and reveal that the effects are stronger in the case of “domestic-market oriented FDI” than in the case of “export-oriented FDI.” Moreover, it is found that domestic-market oriented FDI reduces the share of export in total sales in Thai food industry. Small domestic market may have caused the insignificant spillover effects in food industry in Malaysia and Hong Kong, where local companies have lost their market share due to foreign companies. As for beverage industry, insignificant spillover effects may be attributed to the fact that beverage industry is more capital intensive than food industry and the technological gap with developed countries is smaller.

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