About CAED

Ten years ago, an economist leafing through the major professional journals would have been hard-pressed to find many articles using firm-level data. Particularly unusual were studies using comprehensive panel data on all enterprises in a single economy, and still rarer, practically unknown, were analyses of such data for multiple countries. One of the most important developments in economic research over the last decade is the growing analysis of such databases. The new data provide the opportunity for revisiting many of the classic empirical questions in economics, this time with data at the appropriate level of aggregation - the business that is the decision-making unit. The data also permit and stimulate the analysis of many new questions that economists could not even dream of addressing with previous data resources. Together, the data and accompanying research agendas are transforming much of economics and public policy analysis.

The aim of the conference is to promote scientific research using enterprise micro data. The conference is a unique meeting point for producers and users of these data, such as statisticians, economists and econometricians, but also an opportunity for policymakers to get acquainted with the newest research results and policy implications in this rapidly expanding field.

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