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No. 134

Somsupa Nopprach

Comparative Advantage in the Asian Automotive Industry

March 2010

No. 133

Paul Sharp, Holger Strulik, and Jacob Weisdorf

The Determinants of Subsistence Income in a Malthusian World

March 2010

No. 132

Judith K. Hellerstein, Melissa McInerney, and David Neumark

Neighbors and Co-Workers: The Importance of Residential Labor Market Networks

March 2010

No. 131

Shiqing Jiang, Ming Lu, and Hiroshi Sato

Identity, Inequality, and Happiness: Evidence from Urban China

March 2010

No. 130

Zhao Chen, Ming Lu, and Guanghua Wan

Inter-Industry Wage Differentials: An Increasingly Important Contributor to Urban China Income Inequality

March 2010

No. 129

Michiru Sakane

News-Driven International Business Cycles: Effects of the US News Shock on the Canadian Economy

March 2010 (Revised: April 2010)

No. 128

Taiji Furusawa and Hideo Konishi

Contributing or Free-Riding? Voluntary Participation in a Public Good Economy

March 2010

No. 127

Yannick Kalantzis, Ryo Kambayashi, and Sébastien Lechevalier

Wage and Productivity Differentials in Japan: The Role of Labor Market Mechanisms

March 2010 (Revised: October 2012)

No. 126

Jun Nakabayashi

Small Business Set-asides in Procurement Auctions: An Empirical Analysis

March 2010

No. 125



March 2010

No. 124

Jouchi Nakajima and Yasuhiro Omori

Stochastic Volatility Model with Leverage and Asymmetrically Heavy-tailed Error Using GH Skew Student's t-distribution

March 2010

No. 123

Koji Miyawaki, Yasuhiro Omori, and Akira Hibiki

Panel Data Analysis of Japanese Residential Water Demand Using a Discrete/Continuous Choice Approach

March 2010

No. 122



March 2010

No. 121

キム ソング、リュ グングヮン、イ サンスン、イ インクォン


March 2010

No. 120



March 2010

No. 119

Ryo Kambayashi

Dismissal Regulation in Japan

March 2010

No. 118

Masayoshi Hayashi and Yohei Kobayashi

The Effects of Central Grants on Decentralized Social Programs: Post‐2005 School Expense Assistance in Japan

March 2010

No. 117

Ralph Paprzycki and Keiko Ito

Investment, Production and Trade Networks as Drivers of East Asian Integration

February 2010

No. 116

Jota Ishikawa and Toshihiro Okubo

Environmental Product Standards in North-South Trade

February 2010

No. 115

Daisuke Nagakura and Toshiaki Watanabe

A State Space Approach to Estimating the Integrated Variance under the Existence of Market Microstructure Noise

February 2010

No. 114



February 2010

No. 113

Kenta Ikeuchi and Hiroyuki Okamuro

Effects of Regional Human Capital Structure on Business Entry:
A Comparison of Independent Startups and New Subsidiaries in Different Industries

February 2010

No. 112

Yasuhiro Arai

Intellectual Property Right Protection in the Software Market

February 2010

No. 111

Yasushi Nakamura

Money in the Soviet Administrative Command Economy:
A Quantitative Analysis

February 2010

No. 110

Hidenobu Okuda and Lai Thi Phuong Nhung

The Determinants of the Fundraising Structure of Listed Companies in Vietnam: Estimation of the Effects of Government Ownership

February 2010

No. 109

Yasushi Iwamoto, Miki Kohara, and Makoto Saito

On the Consumption Insurance Effects of Long-term Care Insurance in Japan:
Evidence from Micro-level Household Data

December 2009

No. 108

Hidenobu Okuda and Yasushi Take

Institutional Change and Corporate Financing in Indonesia: Estimating the Effects of Social and Political Factors on Capital Structure

December 2009

No. 107

Dean R Hyslop and David C Maré

Job Mobility and Wage Dynamics

December 2009

No. 106

Eric Ramstetter

Firm- and Plant-level Analysis of Multinationals in Southeast Asia: the Perils of Pooling Industries and Balancing Panels

December 2009

No. 105

Akira Kawai, Shigeru Hirota, and Tomohiko Inui

The Environment for Microdata Access in Japan: A Comparison with the United States and Britain and Future Issues

December 2009

No. 104

Kazuhiro Kumo

Determinants of Childbirth in Russia: A Micro-Data Approach

December 2009 (Revised: May 2010)

No. 103

Richard Fabling

A Rough Guide to New Zealand's Longitudinal Business Database

December 2009

No. 102

Chia-Hui Huang and Chih-Hai Yang

Tax Incentives and R&D Activity: Firm-Level Evidence from Taiwan

December 2009

No. 101

Kozo Kiyota and Tetsuji Okazaki

Industrial Policy Cuts Two Ways: Evidence from Cotton Spinning Firms in Japan, 1956-1964

December 2009

No. 100

Nicholas Greenia, Kaye Husbands Fealing, and Julia Lane

Studying Innovation in Businesses: New Research Possibilities

December 2009

No. 99

Carol Corrado and Julia Lane

Using Cyber-enabled Transaction Data to Study Productivity and Innovation in Organizations

December 2009

No. 98

Zhiyuan Li and Miaojie Yu

Exports, Productivity, and Credit Constraints: A Firm-Level Empirical Investigation of China

December 2009

No. 97

Luigi Guiso, Luigi Pistaferri, and Fabiano Schivardi

Credit within the Firm

December 2009

No. 96

Chin Hee Hahn and Chang Gyun Park

Learning-by-exporting in Korean Manufacturing: A Plant-level Analysis

December 2009

No. 95

Christian Helmers and Mark Rogers

Patents, Entrepreneurship and Performance

December 2009

No. 94

Kazunobu Hayakawa, Fukunari Kimura, and Toshiyuki Matsuura

Gains from Fragmentation at Firm Level: Evidence from Japanese Multinationals in East Asia

December 2009

No .93

Fukunari Kimura

The Nature and Characteristics of Production Networks in East Asia: Evidences from Micro/Panel Data Analyses

December 2009

No. 92

Toshio Honda

Nonparametric Regression for Dependent Data in the Errors-in-Variables Problem

November 2009 (Revised: February 2010)

No. 91

Keita Owari

A Note on Utility Maximization with Unbounded Random Endowment

October 2009

No. 90



October 2009

No. 89

Kyoji Fukao, Tomohiko Inui, Keiko Ito, Young Gak Kim, and Tangjun Yuan

An International Comparison of the TFP Levels and the Productivity Convergence of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese Listed Firms

October 2009

No. 88

Shintaro Yamaguchi

Formation of Heterogeneous Skills and Wage Growth

September 2009

No. 87


知識資本モデルの再推定: 日本と米国の多国籍企業データの結果

September 2009

No. 86



September 2009

No. 85

Eiji Kurozumi and Shinya Tanaka

Reducing the Size Distortion of the KPSS Test

September 2009

No. 84

Zhao Chen, Ming Lu, and Hiroshi Sato

Social Networks and Labor Market Entry Barriers
Understanding Inter-industrial Wage Differentials in Urban China

September 2009

No. 83

Junko Shimizu and Eiji Ogawa

Stability of East Asian Currencies during the Global Financial Crisis

September 2009

No. 82

Keita Owari

Robust Exponential Hedging in a Brownian Setting

September 2009

No. 81

堀 敬一、安藤 浩一、齊藤 誠

日本企業の流動性資産保有に関する実証研究 - 上場企業の財務データを用いたパネル分析 -

August 2009

No. 80

Takahiro Ito

Education and Its Distributional Impacts on Living Standards:
Evidence from Rural India

August 2009 (Revised: March 2010)

No. 79

Rene Belderbos, Bart Leten, and Shinya Suzuki

Does Excellence in Academic Research Attract Foreign R&D?

August 2009

No. 78

Michele Lombardi and Roberto Veneziani

Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm Principle

July 2009

No. 77

Michele Lombardi and Roberto Veneziani

An Impossibility Result for Social Welfare Relations in Infinitely-Lived Societies

July 2009

No. 76

Kiyoyasu Tanaka

Producer Services and Manufacturing Productivity: Evidence from Japan Industrial Productivity Database

July 2009

No. 75

Yuka Takeda

Economic Growth and its Effect on Poverty Reduction in Russia

July 2009


Ryo Kambayashi, Daiji Kawaguchi, and Ken Yamada

Minimum Wage in a Deflationary Economy: The Japanese Experience, 1994-2003

June 2009 (4th Revised: August 2013)


和田 一哉


May 2009


Jouchi Nakajima, Munehisa Kasuya, and Toshiaki Watanabe

Bayesian Analysis of Time-Varying Parameter Vector Autoregressive Model for the Japanese Economy and Monetary Policy

May 2009


袁 堂軍、攝津 斉彦、ジャン・パスカル・バッシーノ、深尾 京司


May 2009


北村 行伸、西脇 雅人、村尾 徹士


May 2009 (Revised: June 2009)


Fabien Durringer

The Trilemma: An Empirical Assessment over 35 years since the 1970s

May 2009


Kiyotaka Nakashima and Makoto Saito

Credit Spreads on Corporate Bonds and the Macroeconomy in Japan

May 2009


Shin Chen Huang and Chia Hui Lu

Asymmetric Information and Global Sourcing

April 2009


Toshiaki Watanabe and Masato Ubukata

Option Pricing Using Realized Volatility and ARCH Type Models

April 2009


江藤 圭也

Philippine 第一次産業GDP推計のための統計資料批判 (1)

April 2009


Yoichi Sugita

Matching, Quality Upgrading, and Trade between Heterogeneous Firms

April 2009


Jee-Hyeong Park

Enforcing International Trade Agreements with Imperfect Private Monitoring:
Private Trigger Strategies and a Possible Role for the WTO

April 2009


Kaz Miyagiwa

The Silk Road:
Tax Competition among Nation States

April 2009


Kozo Kiyota

Trade Liberalization, Economic Growth, and Income Distribution in a Multiple-cone Neoclassical Growth Model

April 2009


Keisaku Higashida and Shunsuke Managi

Determinants of Trade in Recyclable Wastes between Developing and Developed Countries

April 2009


Arnaud Costinot, Lindsay Oldenski, and James Rauch

Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms

April 2009


Daniel M. Bernhofen and John C. Brown

Testing the General Validity of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem:
The Natural Experiment of Japan

April 2009


Richard Baldwin and Dany Jaimovich

Are Free Trade Agreements Contagious?

April 2009


Anders Akerman and Rikard Forslid

Firm Heterogeneity and Country Size Dependent Market Entry Costs

April 2009


Daisuke Nagakura and Toshiaki Watanabe

A State Space Approach to Estimating the Integrated Variance and Microstructure Noise Component

April 2009


Masaya Yasuoka and Naohisa Goto

Pension and Child Care Policies with Endogenous Fertility

April 2009

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