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No. 298

Peter J. Hammond

Extending the Original Position: Revisiting the Pattanaik Critique of Vickrey/Harsanyi Utilitarianism

April 2013

No. 297

Daiji Kawaguchi and Hiroshi Ono

Educational Credentialism and Elite Formation in Japan: A Long-term Perspective

April 2013

No. 296



April 2013

No. 295

Kazuhito Higa

Estimating Upward Bias in the Japanese CPI Using Engel's Law

April 2013

No. 294



April 2013

No. 293


金融政策の国際協調 —「新しい開放マクロ経済学からの展望」—

April 2013

No. 292



March 2013

No. 291



March 2013

No. 290

Kazuya Kikuchi

On the Realizability of Social Preferences in Three-Party Parliamentary Democracies

March 2013

No. 289



March 2013

No. 288



March 2013

No. 287



March 2013

No. 286

Yuko Mori

More Political Parties, More Redistribution?
Empirical Evidence from State Governments in India

March 2013

No. 285

Seungjin Han and Shintaro Yamaguchi

Compensating Wage Differentials in Stable Job Matching Equilibrium

March 2013

No. 284

Tuan-Hwee Sng and Chiaki Moriguchi

Taxation and Public Goods Provision in China and Japan before 1850

March 2013

No. 283

Dmitry Didenko, Péter Földvári, and Bas van Leeuwen

Inspiration and Perspiration Factors in Economic Growth: The Former Soviet Union Area versus China (ca. 1920-2010)

March 2013

No. 282



March 2013

No. 281

Kei Nanamiya

Modelling for the Wavelet Coefficients of ARFIMA Processes

February 2013

No. 280

Yohei Yamamoto

Forecasting with Non-spurious Factors in U.S. Macroeconomic Time Series

February 2013

No. 279

Dukpa Kim and Yohei Yamamoto

Time Instability of the U.S. Monetary System: Multiple Break Tests and Reduced Rank TVP VAR

February 2013

No. 278



January 2013

No. 277

Hiroshi Morita

External Shocks and Japanese Business Cycles: Evidence from a Sign-Restricted VAR

January 2013

No. 276

Yuta Koike

Limit Theorems for the Pre-averaged Hayashi-Yoshida Estimator with Random Sampling

January 2013

No. 275

Shintaro Yamaguchi

Changes in Returns to Task-Specific Skills and Gender Wage Gap

January 2013

No. 274



January 2013

No. 273

Masato Ubukata and Toshiaki Watanabe

Pricing Nikkei 225 Options Using Realized Volatility

January 2013

No. 272



January 2013

No. 271

Daiji Kawaguchi

Fewer School Days, More Inequality

January 2013

No. 270

Jun-Hyung Ko and Hiroshi Morita

Regime Switches in Japanese Fiscal Policy: Markov-Switching VAR Approach

January 2013

No. 269

Peter Reinhard Hansen, Asger Lunde, and Valeri Voev

Realized Beta GARCH: A Multivariate GARCH Model with Realized Measures of Volatility and Covolatility

December 2012

No. 268

Jean Jacod and Mark Podolskij

A Test for the Rank of the Volatility Process: The Random Perturbation Approach

December 2012

No. 267

Kyoji Fukao and Tangjun Yuan

China's Economic Growth, Structural Change and the Lewisian Turning Point

December 2012

No. 266

Torben G. Andersen, Nicola Fusari, and Viktor Todorov

Parametric Inference and Dynamic State Recovery from Option Panels

December 2012

No. 265



December 2012

No. 264

Andras Fulop, Junye Li, and Jun Yu

Investigating Impacts of Self-Exciting Jumps in Returns and Volatility: A Bayesian Learning Approach

December 2012

No. 263

Kazuko Kano

Menu Costs and Dynamic Duopoly

December 2012

No. 262



November 2012

No. 261



November 2012

No. 260

Hiroyuki Okamuro and Kenta Ikeuchi

Work-Life Balance and Gender Differences in Self-Employment Income during the Start-up Stage in Japan

November 2012

No. 259

Kasahara Hiroyuki and Shimotsu Katsumi

Testing the Number of Components in Finite Mixture Models

November 2012

No. 258

Pierre Perron and Yohei Yamamoto

On the Usefulness or Lack Thereof of Optimality Criteria for Structural Change Tests

November 2012

No. 257

Yuko Mori

Voter Turnout and the Principle of “One Person, One Vote”: Empirical Evidence from the Constituency Freeze in India

November 2012

No. 256

Eiji Kurozumi, Daisuke Yamazaki, and Kaddour Hadri

Covariate Unit Root Test for Cross-Sectionally Dependent Panel Data

November 2012 (Revised: August 2013)

No. 255

Eiji Ogawa and Zhiqian Wang

The AMU Deviation Indicators Based on the Purchasing Power Parity and Adjusted by the Balassa-Samuelson Effect

November 2012

No. 254

Kaixiang Peng

Rationality, Market and Rural Credit: Case of Fude Association

November 2012

No. 253

Myung Soo Cha

Wage Convergence and Divergence in East Asia, 1900-39

November 2012

No. 252

Hui-min Lai

The Economic Significance of the Imperial Household Department in the Qianlong Period

November 2012

No. 251

Max Meulemann, Martin Uebele, and Bernd Wilfling

The Restoration of the Gold Standard after the US Civil War: A Volatility Analysis

November 2012

No. 250

Yohei Yamamoto and Pierre Perron

Estimating and Testing Multiple Structural Changes in Linear Models Using Band Spectral Regressions

October 2012

No. 249

Yohei Yamamoto

Bootstrap Inference for Impulse Response Functions in Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressions

October 2012

No. 248

Hiroaki Chigira and Tsunemasa Shiba

Dirichlet Prior for Estimating Unknown Regression Error Heteroscedasticity

October 2012

No. 247

Kasahara Hiroyuki and Shimotsu Katsumi

Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of the Number of Components in Multivariate Mixtures

October 2012

No. 246

Kazuko Kano, Takashi Kano, and Kazutaka Takechi

The Price of Distance: Producer Heterogeneity, Pricing to Market, and Geographic Barriers

October 2012

No. 245

Kazuko Kano, Takashi Kano, and Kazutaka Takechi

Exaggerated Death of Distance: Revisiting Distance Effects on Regional Price Dispersions

October 2012

No. 244

Hiroshi Sato and Sai Ding

Ethnicity and Income in China: The Case of Ningxia

October 2012

No. 243

Ken Yamada and Daiji Kawaguchi

Changing Unchanged Inequality: Higher Education, Youth Population, and Japan's Seniority Wages

September 2012 (2nd Revised: July 2013)

No. 242

Makoto Takahashi, Yasuhiro Omori, and Toshiaki Watanabe

News Impact Curve for Stochastic Volatility Models

September 2012

No. 241

Asuka Takeuchi-Nogimori

An Empirical Analysis of the Nikkei 225 Put Options Using Realized GARCH Models

September 2012

No. 240

Eiji Satoh

Consolidation and Scale Economies in the Japanese Sewerage Industry

September 2012

No. 239

Kazuhiro Kumo

Mortality Trends in Russia Revisited: A Survey

July 2012

No. 238

Takeshi Nishimura

Optimal Design of Scoring Auction with Multidimensional Quality

July 2012

No. 237

Takeshi Nishimura

Bundling Decision in Procurement Auctions with Risk-Averse Suppliers

July 2012

No. 236



July 2012

No. 235


中央アジア第二次産業の長期発展経路 ―百年統計の構築と比較経済分析―

June 2012

No. 234

Takako Kimura

Nuclear Energy in Asia: Safety Post-Fukushima

May 2012

No. 233

Taisuke Uchino and Iichiro Uesugi

The Effects of a Megabank Merger on Firm-Bank Relationships and Borrowing Costs

May 2012

No. 232


時変ベクトル自己回帰モデル -サーベイと日本のマクロデータへの応用-

April 2012

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